Christopher Lloyd dances on stage with Doc Brown at Back to the Future the Musical – WATCH

Back To The Future Musical Opening Night

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Christopher Lloyd is best known for playing Doc Brown in the Back to the Future movie trilogy. And on Monday night, the 82-year-old legend attended the London opening night of Back to the Future the Musical. As he took his seat inside the Adelphi theatre, the original star was applauded by the audience and he thanked them with a wave.

At the end of the show, Lloyd took to the stage after the curtain call alongside Back to the Future creators Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, plus others including Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard who were behind the show’s music.

Following Gale speech, they and the cast began jumping up and down to music before the show’s Doc Brown actor grabbed Lloyd by the hand and started dancing with him.

Tonight it was understudy Mark Oxtoby playing the eccentric scientist, who usually performs as Mr Strickland and in other roles.

However, main Doc star Roger Bart had tested positive for Covid and had to sit the opening night out.

Nevertheless, Oxtoby was excellent as the wild-eyed time traveller, especially as he’d never performed as Doc in front of an audience or rehearsed with Marty McFly star Olly Dobson before.

During his opening night speech, Gale said: “Welcome back to live theatre!

“We’re all honoured to be part of the reopening and rebirth of London’s West End. Long may it live!

“Over 15 years ago, Bob Zemeckis, Alan Silvestri, Glen Ballard and I had a dream. A dream of translating Back to the Future onto the musical theatre stage.”

Back To The Future Musical: Roger Bart stars as 'Doc' Brown

Gale continued: “But we promised each other one thing, we knew how important the movie Back to the Future was to everybody and if we could not reach the high standards of the movie Back to the Future, we’d push the red button, shut it down and walk away. Well tonight, you have seen the result.

“It turns out those high Back to the Future standards permeated into everybody associated with this show.

“Everybody was inspired by those standards to do even better than their best. From this extraordinary cast to our incredible production team to our magnificent musicians and music team and to our incredibly talented director, absolutely brilliant, the great John Rando.

“And, of course, our tireless producer Colin Ingram. Those partners who never stopped believing in us and this show.”

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Gale then quoted one of Doc Brown’s songs from Back to the Future the Musical.

The 70-year-old added: “This one is for the dreamers. Dreamers like us, dreamers like all of you.

“Please everybody, keep on dreaming – the world needs that now. Thank you.”

Back to the Future the Musical is playing at the Adelphi Theatre in London now and tickets can be booked here.

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