Cody Calafiore Remains The Massive Betting Favorite To Win "Big Brother 22"

The Big Brother 22 finale is only one day away, and Cody Calafiore remains the massive betting favorite to win the season.

Sports Betting Dime lists Cody as a -225 favorite to earn the $500,000 prize in the second ever Big Brother All-Star season. Enzo Palumbo carries the second highest odds at +225, and Nicole Franzel is the underdog at +550.

Both Enzo and Nicole have worked closely with Cody all season. The two of them have also expressed the wish to take Cody to the final two, so he’s in very good hands heading into the Big Brother finale.

Nicole won the first competition to determine the final Head of Household this season. Cody and Enzo will compete in the second round to decide who will face Nicole in the final HOH competition, with the winner deciding who they wish to take to the end.

Cody reached the finals in Big Brother 16, losing to his friend Derrick Levasseur. Cody won the final HOH competition that summer, and many believed he should have evicted Derrick, who was far and away the best player that season. On top of that, Derrick had excellent jury management.

But Cody chose to stay loyal to his friend, and he evicted Victoria Rafaeli instead. Derrick won the $500,000 by a 7-2 vote.

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Nicole, meanwhile, is looking to become the very first two-time winner in the show’s history. She won Big Brother 18, defeating Paul Abrahamian in the finals. Only Paul (also a runner-up in Big Brother 19) and Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 winner and Big Brother 14 runner-up) have reached the finals twice.

Enzo finished third place in Big Brother 12. He was there in the final three with ally members Hayden Moss and Lane Elenburg, but Hayden decided to take the latter to the final two with him instead. Hayden wound up winning the show.

Cody has won the most competitions this summer, our Power of Vetos and three HOHs.

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