Could This 'Below Deck Med' Crew Member Take Over As Chef?

After Chef Mila Kolomeitseva’s lackluster culinary performance on Below Deck Mediterranean, bringing in a new chef seems to be highly likely.

Kolomeitseva struggled hard during her first charter. First with food poisoning, then with meal preparation. The final straw was being charged with baking a birthday cake. She admitted to skipping the baking portion of her culinary training, which sorely showed in her first cake.

Thankfully, stew Anastasia Surmava shared that she has experience as a yacht chef and sprung into action. She successfully baked a delicious cake and saved the day. Surmava’s assistance is meant to be supportive. But she may be spending more time in the galley kitchen than she originally planned.

She has mad baking skills

Surmava shared she strives to be the best at whatever she tackles. From cleaning toilets to cooking, she insists on perfection no matter what she does. She also reveals that her mother is a pastry chef so she grew up around the culinary arts.

She, chief stew Hannah Ferrier and stew Aesha Scott sample Kolomeitseva’s cake. They try to avoid having a strong reaction. However, their faces say it all. Apparently, Kolomeitseva went big with the baking soda and the interior team looks pretty grossed out after tasting it. “It’s disgusting,” Surmava says in a confessional interview. Finally, Ferrier shares a piece of the cake with Captain Sandy Yawn who agrees the crew cannot serve the cake.

Even though Surmava is charged to take over the baking, she does so in a very humble manner. She still acts like she is helping out in the kitchen. Even though she essentially takes over baking the entire cake. The guests love the culinary confection. But Kolomeitseva is annoyed when Ferrier asks Surmava to present the cake to the guests since she baked it.

Someone likely takes over

Even before the season debuted, fans speculated that Kolomeitseva doesn’t last the entire season. After seeing her first two shows, fans are even more convinced she won’t make it.

The biggest speculation is that Chef Ben Robinson, a fan favorite from previous seasons swoops in to save the day. One source asserts that not only was Kolomeitseva a production plant, but Robinson also deleted an Instagram video that proves he takes over.

The deleted video shows Robinson wearing a signature Sirocco red t-shirt, which may be a clue that he is possibly the chef. Fans are begging for Robinson to make an appearance as he hasn’t been on the show for quite a few seasons.

But don’t count her out either

Although fans seem fixated on Robinson returning to the show, Surmava’s Bravo profile picture now shows her wearing a chef’s coat from the yacht. Additionally, her bio shares a few clues too. “Anastasia, as a child of an immigrant mother, has a strong sense of pride in her work ethic which takes her on an unexpected journey.”

Certainly, she didn’t plan on being the chef on the yacht. But even if she takes over temporarily, she already shows she is up for the task. Previews show massive errors in the kitchen once again.

Captain Sandy Yawn’s friend Dr. Jennifer Berman is back as a charter guest. And Kolomeitseva serves her seafood from a can. Berman mentions the slimy seafood as Yawn is put in an embarrassing position of having to call Kolomeitseva out. Does Surmava save the day once again? Tune in to Bravo every Monday night for Below Deck Mediterranean at 9/8c.

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