Daily horoscope for January 23: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Saturday’s horoscope arrives with a dramatic Square forming between Mars and Jupiter. A Square in astrology is said to reflect pressures occurring people’s lives at certain points.

Astrologers assume this can result in all hell breaking loose as the weekend arrives.

This aspect is known to be a dangerous cosmic combination at the best of times.

As a result, be forewarned to expect an array of arrogance and even pig-headed stupidity.

Then, with the influence of Red Planet Mars, this astrological energy is believed to be supercharged.

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Matters may even blow out of all proportion because of this aspect.

Earth’s nearest neighbour is brewing-up a heady storm and the gas giant will only help to fan the flames.

The question is whether you can handle this in the face of all adversity – so allow whoever is in charge to handle this wherever possible.

Venus is also making its presence felt this Saturday by attempting to apply its special charms.

This arrives in the form of an amorous Sextile with spiritual Neptune.

A Sextile is an astrological aspect occurring when bodies are approximately two star signs apart, meaning there is strong likelihood love will be shared on Saturday.

Venus is best thought of as a sweetheart, during such a comfortable meeting with Neptune in Pisces.

Your glasses will retain their rose-tinted gloss, as long as you avoid putting your trust in promises made.

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This is because this Square between Mars and Jupiter can promise the world but may never deliver.

The Moon is in communicative star sign Gemini, considered the perfect position to loosen one’s tongue.

Then, as the Moon creates a Trine with a trio of the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter – and Sextiles asteroid Chiron – Saturday is certainly a time to for talking some sense.

Some astrology experts consul that now is an idea opportunity to disclose certain home truths.

Then, with the Sun and Saturn approaching their annual conjunction, you are in for an overdue reality check.

The Gemini Moon has finely-honed reasoning skills, capable of clearing a path towards reaching your goals.

And to help matters along, Saturn in Aquarius is about to lay down the law.

Such a dance between the Sun and this ringed jewel are about to start a dance of their own, injecting some much-needed discipline to your affairs.

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