Daily horoscope for July 5: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Monday’s horoscope kicks off with the Moon’s final moments in the grounded sign of Taurus. This astrological combination should give you a creative boost to start the week on a good note. According to astrologer Gregory Scott, you find it easier than usual to appreciate all the beautiful things in life.

You can, consequently, fine-tune your circumstances to the situation to better suit your mood.

The power is in your hand to create a better looking and better feeling life for yourself.

The Taurus Moon also sextiles the planet Neptune in Pisces – a Water sign.

Earth and Water go hand in hand, much like Air and Fire get along like a house on fire.

According to the astrologer’s weekly forecast, which is hosted on YouTube, Neptune dominates over your dreams and your intuition.

And the good news is Neptune rules over Pisces, so the energies are doubly intense right now.

Mr Scott said: “That really opens the door for you to feel quite profoundly and to have really amazing, emotional experiences.”

Astrology Answers astrologer Terrence Guardino meanwhile expects Monday’s forecast to mark a critical point that will lead you towards Friday’s New Moon.

The energies are slowly starting to wind down and that will have an impact on your activities.

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You consequently do not want to start any new projects this week because the energies will be working against you.

The astrologer expects the overall energies today to be somewhat flat and unproductive.

Now is not the time to be making any key decisions because there is not enough energy going around to prop you up.

Later in the day, the Moon will transition into the sign of Gemini the Twins.

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac and a representative of the house of Air.

Gemini is very gentle and affectionate at best of times though it has its dark side as well.

At its worst, Gemini can seem indecisive and inconsistent – nervousness is always in short order.

According to Mr Guardino, there is very much a need to keep on going with the routine.

It’s the start of the working week, so you are prone to feel like its’ business as usual.

The astrologer said: “But especially because it’s prior to the New Moon and the Moon is void, of course, you definitely wouldn’t want to do anything new.

“But the Sun is also in harmony with Uranus. Uranus can rule technology, innovation, shaking things up, thinking out of the box.”

It could, therefore, be the day to “put some fresh eyes” on old affairs and business – not new business.

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