Daily horoscope for May 26: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Tuesday’s horoscope is primarily influenced by the Cancer Moon. And astrology experts believe this aspect is able to intensify your emotions.

The Moon in star sign Cancer is considered to be a moody combination.

However, this cosmic coupling works hard to disguise it.

You can consequently expect your feelings to be particularly potent.

Your emotions may constantly threaten to get the better of you.


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You can also feel that strong emotional tug today as you instinctively look for cover where you won’t be observed.

This Cancer Moon may also be supplying some sweet yet melancholy melodies.

You can also anticipate you romance-radar to be full alert this Tuesday.

This is because the Moon creates a Trine with magic-filled Neptune in Pisces.

A Trine in astrology is considered a favourable aspect of two celestial bodies 120 degrees apart.

On the chart, a Trine generally relates to flow, with planets in a harmonious angle of support.

The ramification of this Trine may result in flowing feelings that may be tricky to stop.

And with Pluto and Jupiter waiting in the wings, you are certainly headed for some extreme intensity along the line.


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Fiery planet Mercury continues its surreptitious conversation with Jupiter and Pluto.

Gas giant Jupiter in Capricorn may well quietly whisper to you during the day.

This is most likely the cosmos trying to reveal its secrets in a cryptic fashion.

Venus remains Retrograde in Gemini all this while, leaving you in limbo.

Your heart is flooded with strange longings, fears and even nostalgia.

Your normal judgment is unfortunately off and defences are still down.

There is, however, good news concerning this aspect – your heart is fully open and primed for healing.

Let the healing waters flow and express what you know to be your truth.

Venus Retrograde times are notorious for being strange.

But embrace the bizarre and avoid signing either your heart or fortune away just yet.

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