Domino's is giving away free pizza to Karens who wear a mask

It’s a tough time to be called Karen.

You might have heard the popular meme about entitled women who ask to speak to the manger and are now dubbed under the umbrella term of ‘Karen’.

The spread of ‘Karen’ started around the same time as the outbreak of coronavirus and with lots of people refusing to wear masks in stores, the name is being thrown around everywhere.

Of course, not everyone called Karen is like that.

And to recognise that, Domino’s in Australia is giving away free pizza to women named Karen who wear their mask without a fuss.

Sadly, the offer isn’t available in the UK, but it has sparked quite a reaction Down Under, with over 30,000 comments on the announcement.

To qualify, you have to be named Karen and upload proof of your ID to a form on their website and tell them why you’re a ‘nice Karen’.

Posting on Facebook, the fast-food brand said: ‘CALLING ALL (MASK WEARING, LAW ABIDING) KARENS!

‘It’s a tough time to be a Karen. Karen the nurse, Karen the teacher, Karen the mum, Karen the neighbour, Karen the mask wearer – we’re all in this together, but a vocal minority who believe rules and laws don’t apply to them have given the name “Karen” a bad rap this year.

‘At Domino’s, we know there’s plenty of Australians named Karen that aren’t, well, “Karens”. Let us know if you’re one of them by completing the form via the link below. We may send some pizza your way!’

Some people weren’t fans of the idea.

One said: ‘Whoever is in charge of social media at dominos, you’re really bad at this.’

But most embraced it and went along with the joke.

One person said: ‘Ironically those ones who don’t think the rules apply to them are going to go full Karen on this saying it’s discrimination.’

A woman called Karen weighed in and said: ‘Thank you Dominos, for recognising that not all Karens are a “Karen”. The thing is, we can’t even complain about it because then it just perpetuates the myth!’

‘Hooray….its not much fun being a Karen these days,’ another said.

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