Employees share their most embarrassing all-staff email fails

Employees share their VERY embarrassing email fails – from accidentally sharing links to porn to CCing in 150 staff on a termination notice

  • Australians have revealed the awkward emails they have received at work 
  • Workers revealed office-wide email mix ups to KIISFM radio’s Kyle and Jackie O 
  • From rogue porn links, to terminations and company closure announcements 

Australians have revealed the awkward emails they have sent or received at work.

From porn links to terminations and premature announcements of company closures – the shocking emails were definitely not meant to be viewed by all the recipients.

Elissa, from Sydney, was in year 8 at school when a teacher sent the entire year of 13 to 14-year-old students the wrong email.

She told KIISFM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O was supposed to send the grade a link to their marked assessments but sent porn instead.

Australians have revealed the awkward emails they have received at work or school – with one student sharing the time her teacher accidentally sent a porn link to hundreds of 13-year-olds

‘She accidentally pasted and sent a porn link and sent it to the entire grade,’ she said. 

Parents soon found out and there had to be a meeting at the school, leaving the teacher so embarrassed she didn’t come back for weeks, according to the girl.

A man explained his coworker found out he was going to be fired when an email was sent to over 150 of his colleagues.

‘They accidentally sent an all staff email with the letter of termination,’ the man said.

The email explained the man’s dismissal – a week before it was due to take place. 

Others shared their stories on an amusing Reddit thread 

‘I decided this morning would be a good time to email my friend “just had an amazing poo, thought you should know”. However, I accidentally sent this to a different contact with the same first name who happens to be the lead game designer at a local company where I interviewed a couple of years ago.’  

‘I was writing my girlfriend a email, instead, I selected my Boss, Serge. “OMG I LUV U LOTS BABY’ or something like that. I saw what I did and sent him a email explaining what I just did.’  

‘Several years ago, I typed up an email to my shrink detailing how I felt more attracted to women than to men. Unfortunately, I accidentally sent it to my husband instead of my shrink.’ 

I do tech support with a friend of mine and he was finishing for the day, so he forwarded me an email from a client and wrote at the top, “I don’t have time for this.” Needless to say he somehow managed to send this to the client too, who promptly replied: “Well when will you have time?”.

But it appeared he wasn’t the only person to find out he had lost his job over a poorly-addressed email.

A woman called Kim called the radio duo and revealed she used to work for the CEO a large corporation who had decided to close a company-owned factory.

The confidential decision was meant to stay between the upper management and HR but an email slip alerted everyone. 

A letter was drafted, explaining the closure and subsequent redundancies, and schedule to be sent out following the company’s big announcement. 

But it didn’t go to plan. 

‘(The HR manager) sent the email to the CEO but had forgotten to take off all the staff and sent it out well before they were meant to find out.’

KIISFM radio duo Kyle and Jackie O brought up the subject after an awkward email was sent around their office

Another woman revealed her colleague sent a picture of her new baby – without realising she was in the background ‘with her legs spread getting stitched up’ by doctors. 

The receptionist received the email first, noticing the detail, but was unable to stop the rest of the office from seeing the picture. 

The hilarious revelations came after Kyle and Jackie discussed an email that had been sent to by someone at their network.

The woman, known only as ‘a Karen’, had the day off after sending an email recommending talent from a rival network, praising their abilities.

A man explained his coworker found out he was going to be fired when an email was sent to over 150 of his colleagues

And while the hosts said it wouldn’t seem like a big deal to listeners it was for people at work.

‘It’s a big deal for us when start talking about a competitor being better than us, that is a massive fail,’ Kyle said.

The woman also said the rival network’s talent could be a cost-effective alternative which was awkward for the pair.

‘She also admitted she listens to the opposition’s station, a station not owned by our company,’ the hosts said.

They also argued there was no difference between how they read advertisements and the one that was being praised in the accidental email.

The segment comes as a warning to double check email recipients lists before hitting the send button.

With the pair laughing that the ‘recall function’ didn’t work well in this case.

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