‘Entitled’ woman slammed for getting angry at commuters walking into her videos

A TikTok influencer has been branded "entitled" after she shared a video of herself getting annoyed at London commuters for walking into her "aesthetic video".

Antonia Freya Lydia, who posts on the app as @turnttoni, gained more than 1.9million likes on a video she titled: "Taking an aesthetic video in London be like…"

In the video, the pretty blonde was seen wearing a black dress and matching handbag, as she tried to capture a video of herself standing on the platform.

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But she didn't account for the busy nature of London and was seen getting annoyed and even pulling faces at people for walking in a shot.

In the caption, she added: "Like can you wait just one sec, sir?"

But she didn't get the response she expected from TikTok users as thousands took to the comments and branded her 'entitled.'

One user wrote: "Why is she getting mad for?"

Another added: "Bro it's the London underground what do you expect?"

A third said: "Where do you want them to walk through? The tracks???"

YouTuber Preston Roberts weighed in on the outrage in his own video which gained more than 329,000 likes.

He said: "Does anyone get p*ssed off by videos like this? Like she seems so entitled. Look how mad she gets when someone walks by her, like, why are you mad?

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"Do you expect people to wait? Like they're trying to get to work. They're trying to get somewhere and you're getting mad. Some people have real jobs."

Antonia later filmed a video to respond to some of the comments, claiming that the video was just a joke, writing: "I’m not serious you call need to chill a bit."


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