Error 50p coin sells for £510 on eBay – and there may be 1000s in circulation

Rare coins can fetch a fortune on eBay.

And if you’re looking to make a pretty penny, we’d recommend checking your change for design flaws.

These make coins more unique – and can increase their value as a result.

This was the case for a 50p coin with a “double struck” error, which sold for £510 on the online auction site.

The eBay snaps show the standard image of Britannia, seated beside a lion, in the centre of the coin as it should be.

But in the bottom left corner, it’s clear the top of the design has been pressed again – as you can just about see the head of Britannia and the fork being held.

According to the Mirror, you can also make out the “E” and “W” from the word “NEW” and the letter “P” from the word “PENCE” in the second strike.

Striking a coin is the process where an image is pressed onto a blank metal disc.

In the item description on eBay, the seller said: “Double struck coins can be either on-centre or off-centre.

“The reasons for multiple strikes are as varied as the number of strikes that can occur.

“Ejection failures which prevent a planchet to correctly discharge from the striking chamber are numerous.”

The coin sold for £510 exactly, plus £10 for delivery, after attracting 19 bids following a seven-day auction.

You can see the eBay listing here.

Previously, a rare Lincoln penny with an error sold for £1.4k after a bidding war on eBay.

And in other news, a rare £1 coin with an error also attracted a lot of attention on the auction site.

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