Father slated for making his daughter ‘earn’ sanitary products through housework

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A dad has come under fire for admitting that he makes his daughter complete her chores before giving her sanitary products.

The bloke wrote about the cruel disciplinary action on Reddit in the “Am I the A**hole” forum – and people agreed that he was totally in the wrong.

While parents often differ in how they raised their children, his confession shocked commenters.

The anonymous father, 50, explained that he is a widower who looks after his two teens – a son, 17, and a daughter, 15.

He pays for both children to do extracurricular activities, but makes his daughter earn hers by doing housework as he sees them as “hobbies”.

His son plays baseball and football while she takes dance and choir..

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His son did not have to earn his activities with chores.

Additionally, he said that another reason he makes his daughter "pay him back" in chores is that he has to spend more money on her, buying "monthly supplies”.

Basically, he makes her reimburse him for sanitary wear like pads and tampons through her chores.

The dad's post said: "I lost my wife ten years ago.

“It’s just me and my two kids, recently it caused a big stink with some family that my daughter does chores, but my son does not.

"I explained it’s because I have to spend extra on my daughter each month not only for her extracurriculars, but for her monthly supplies, so it‘s my way of having her pay me back.

“She cleans the shared living spaces and bathrooms in our apartment and cooks four meals a week.”

He continued: "My brother said I spend twice as much on my son's extracurriculars and by my logic, he should have to do chores too.

"I explained he didn’t because I feel his could help him get into college but hers were just a hobby in my opinion."

His daughter overheard him and was obviously devastated – so she refused to do any more chores until it was fair.

Even her brother agreed that his father was wrong.

The dad said: "I told her she’d still be doing her chores and life isn’t fair so stop being a brat, or I’d refuse to pay for her extracurricular stuff or pads.

“I wouldn’t actually do that, but I was mad when I said it.

"She packed a bag and took off. "

He continued: “She’s been staying with my sister who called me an abusive a**hole when I demanded she send [daughter] home.

“My brother and sister are coddling her and I’m furious."

He posted on Reddit for advice, but over 1000 people took the daughters side and called the bloke out.

One person said: "This cant be real…..you make your daughter do chores because you have to pay for period supplies monthly…..which she literally cannot help?

“You're an a**hole in every way."

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Another added: “YTA (You’re the a**hole). Not for expecting your child(ren) to pitch in around the house, but for the sexism and the godawful manner you've approached this with.

"Withholding pads from a teenage girl as punishment? What?

"Expecting your son will go to college, but basically writing her off? The 50s called, they don't want you either."

“I am really glad his daughter has someplace healthy to go and stay and away from this sexist abusive nonsense,” added another.

While a fourth said: "he's taught his daughter that love from men is transactional…"

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