Five Guys worker explains one rule to make its famous cajun fries taste so good

A Five Guys worker has revealed the scenes in the kitchen where the staff made the fresh-cut fries, including the popular cajun edition.

Maez, from the city of Shreveport in Louisiana, US, documented a series of clips on showing his job at the fast food joint, including how he made the "fresh-cut, skin-on" fries.

In a video he posted on TikTok, he says: "First we wash the potato, real potato. Bring it to the potato slicer."

He demonstrates it by placing a potato on the slicer and shoving it through to drop them into a sink for a quick wash.

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Then he gathers the slices and drops them in a bucket where he soaks them in water to rinse off the mud and dirt.

A follow-up clip shows the employee emptying the bucket full of potato slices into a container.

"Get a hand full, yes, we pre-cook our fries," Maez transfers two big portion of fries onto a fry basket and drops it in the oil.

"We love pre-cooking our fries and this is what it look like when it is pre-cooked for two minutes.

"Now take it over here and put it in the regular fry for the last cook."

You might wonder how Five Guys made their fries so crispy as Maez explains: "We give it a shake about 15 times, taking all the grease out so that it won't be soggy."

He then drops it on the tray and sprinkles with salt and that's the secret to make a regular fries.

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To make the cajun fries, Maez said it's exactly the same steps but at the end of the process, he transfers the salted fries to a "cajun tray" where he douses the potatoes in orange-red cajun powder.

"Now it's the cajun seasoning and I start sprinkle," he says.

"My manager always told me 'If you ain't sneezing, you ain't pleasing.' That's how you do it and now you mix."

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His viewers found it satisfying to watch the clips and said they are willing to pay for it even it's more expensive than other fast food restaurants.

One wrote: "It's expensive but you get what you pay for. It's real food unlike other places."

Another commented: "This is why they fries be slapping!"

"That is a lot of seasoning!" a third said. "Please don't sneeze on my fries."

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