Five-year-old left with bald patches after attempting his own Covid haircut

A five-year-old boy shocked his parents when they found he’d shaved his own head after they turned their back on him for ‘minutes’.

Alan Fields, 47, had been giving himself a lockdown haircut while his young son, Lennon, watched.

When the clippers died partway through and needed to be recharged, roofer Alan went into another room and showed his half-done cut to his wife Natasha, 47.

In the short time his father was out of the room, little Lennon seemingly decided to copy his dad and grabbed the clippers.

Minutes later, Natasha saw the five-year-old with half of his hair shaved off and was nearly brought to tears, although she was pleased Lennon had finally got over his fear of haircuts.

Natasha, from Walsall, West Midlands, said: ‘He’s normally really scared of the hair clippers, he hates the noise, and he doesn’t even like looking at them.

‘That’s what made it even more shocking, we never thought for a second that he would pick them up and start cutting his own hair.

‘My husband came to show me his progress with his own haircut while the clippers were on charge.

‘He went back a few minutes later and shouted for me to come and look at Lennon.

‘When I saw him I wanted to cry. He had done it with no grade on, so he was literally bald in places.

‘But he was so proud of himself for overcoming his fear of the clippers that I had to hold back my tears and say “Well done, you’re such a good boy, but let’s finish the job”.’

However, after his parents evened out the rest of his hair, Lennon started regretting his Covid cut and decided to try on one of his mum’s wigs.

Ultimately, Alan shaved his head in solidarity.

Natasha said: ‘In the end everybody had a lockdown haircut, and it’s a good job it was done in lockdown because I wouldn’t be seen out with either of them looking like that!’

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