Freedom Day and ‘lack of restrictions’ blamed for new Covid surge – and it’s only getting worse, warns expert

FREEDOM Day and a lack of Covid restrictions have been blamed for the rise in infections.

The situation is only likely to get worse, with schools returning next week, an expert has warned.

Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist on the ZOE Covid Study App, said: “Unfortunately, we’re back in a position where cases, hospitalisations and deaths are all going up and the UK has the highest rates of Covid in Europe, despite our superior vaccination rates.

"The main difference between the UK and Europe is our lack of restrictions. In many parts of Europe, people are still wearing face coverings and observing some social distancing.

"In the UK, where we eagerly declared ‘freedom’ from Covid and did away with even the most basic social measures, Covid has found an opportunity to spread.

"As kids head back to the classrooms, there’s a good chance cases will continue to rise from here."

Cases have risen by 19 per cent on from last week, with 51,861 new daily infections this week.

Positive tests in fully vaccinated Brits have increased, with that group now making up 29.4 per cent of the total new cases.

The study, where Brits log daily symptoms and test results, found new cases are highest in the 18-35 age groups,

This is closely followed by the 0-18 year olds – which suggests that it’s the younger populations who are behind the current rises in cases.

Prof Spector said schools going back in England next week is a concern, after seeing cases increase in Scotland after kids went back to the classroom.

He said: "I think that bodes rather badly for the rest of the UK and driving increased numbers of cases but hopefully still mild ones.

"Covid is with us, rates are still rising, we are in for a bad few weeks with schools going back."

The jabs are not 100 per cent effective at preventing Covid, which is why people will continue to get sick, and die, of the disease.

The proportion of people with the virus who are vaccinated will also be higher as a natural result of more people getting jabbed, amid high Covid circulation.

The NHS main symptom list, which warrants a free Covid test, only includes a high temperature, loss of taste and smell and new cough.

But the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app found people are more commonly suffering headaches, sore throats, and runny noses, normally combined and not as a singular symptom.

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