From Kate Middleton to Princess Eugenie, These Royals Love Ice Cream

The British royal family loves dessert. They have jaw-dropping cakes at their royal weddings and Queen Elizabeth II is known for having a sweet tooth when it comes to all things chocolate. With summer officially here, we’re rounding up photos of British royals indulging in creamy confections. 

They eat ice cream at official royal engagements

Getting to eat ice cream as part of your job? The idea might sound like a dream but it’s a reality for British royals. Working royals, i.e. those whose job it is to make official appearances on behalf of the queen, have visited ice cream shops on numerous occasions. Call it a perk of the job. 

Visiting Wales in 2012 on a royal tour, Prince Charles and Camila, Duchess of Cornwall stopped by an ice cream shop. 

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Attending the Hampton Court Garden Festival in 2015, Camilla took a break from the event to enjoy an ice cream cone. 

And in February 2020, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a stop at Joe’s Ice Cream during an official visit to South Wales. According to E! News, Prince William told the shop’s staff his preferred ice cream flavor is chocolate. 

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Given the choice between their signature vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, the Duke of Cambridge opted for one of each. As for the Duchess of Cambridge, she selected the shop’s signature offering in a cup instead of a cone. 

Horse shows mean ice cream for young royals

The royal family is well known for their love of horses. And that’s why it’s no surprise they turn out for horse shows. It seems to have become an unofficial tradition for royal kids to get ice cream when they attend. 

As a child, Princess Eugenie of York munched on an ice cream cone sitting in her stroller. 

Another year, another ice cream cone for Eugenie. 

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On another occasion at the same event, photographers captured a sweet shot of her older sister, Princess Beatrice of York, doing the same thing. Wearing sunglasses and holding a balloon in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other, Beatrice took in the horse show. 

In recent years, younger generations of royals been doing the same thing. Not at the Royal Horse Show but this one’s too cute not to include. Autumn Phillips, the daughter-in-law of Anne, Princess Royal, showed up at the Gatcombe Horse Trials with her and Peter Phillips’ daughters, Savannah and Isla.

Sitting in the grass together eating their ice cream cones they giggled as Savannah got ice cream on her nose. Too cute!

Given the opportunity, royals definitely scream for ice cream! Here’s hoping we get to see royals out and about enjoying ice cream together soon.

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