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Sip, sip soirée! These DASH flavoured sparkling waters were made for summer BBQs (here’s how to score 50% off your first order)

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Hosting a BBQ is one of the great joys of British summertime, and with temperatures rising, it’s important to make sure guests are refreshed with some top drink pairings. 

Whether you’re looking to make a quick cocktail or want some chic-looking non-alcoholic summer drink options, DASH Water should be on your radar. 

Standing out from other sparkling waters, DASH Water has been lovingly made with real, wonky fruit and fresh spring water. No sugar, no calories and no sweetener, these cans are packed full of fruity flavours that are perfect for al-fresco dining and keeping guests refreshed.

Whether setting out cans for guests to grab or creating perfect-serve cocktails, DASH Water fits the garden party aesthetic. 

Packed full of perfectly imperfect wonky fruit, the cans are zero sugar, zero calories and zero sweeteners. 

And you can get 50 per cent off your first order with the code TRYME50. 

As well as having no sugar, no sweetener and no calories, DASH Water is as ethical as it is tasty because it uses wonky fruit that would otherwise go to waste

To give your al fresco entertaining a helping hand this summer, DASH is giving you a huge 50 per cent off your first order with the code TRYME50.  

Did you know that a staggering one-third of all food produce is lost or wasted a year? 

Anti-food waste brand DASH Water is on a mission to highlight the growing problem of food waste. 

At DASH, they judge ingredients on taste alone; appearance is no indicator of flavour or nutritional value. They aim to overcome serious environmental issues by creating delicious infused water using wonky, bumped and curved fruit that’s rejected by supermarkets. 

There are plenty of DASH options for different tastes, and all are made with three ingredients: British spring water, wonky fruit and bubbles. 

Simply made and delicately fruity, DASH Infused Sparkling Water is a cool and sophisticated alternative to sugary, syrupy soft drinks out there. Served on its own, they make a chic non-alcoholic option for any al fresco entertaining this summer.

Perfect for BBQs and picnics, the DASH Sparkling Water cans and Soda cans can be drunk solo or used to create fun cocktails  

Bestsellers include raspberry, blackcurrant, peach and lemon. Or perhaps you’d like to try their made-for-mixing soda waters?

Designed to complement any spirit, both alcoholic or non-alcoholic, these cans offer a new way to mix for health-conscious consumers or for budding mixologists wanting to create delicious summer cocktails. 

To get your BBQ off to a flying start, DASH has shared their five summer drinks to serve at your next BBQ. Don’t forget you can save 50 per cent off your first order with the code TRYME50.

Cucumber Water is a classic al-fresco flavour because it’s so cool and refreshing. 

Why not put a spin on the classic and serve the DASH Cucumber Sparkling Water with a slice of cucumber in a cold glass for a chic party drink.

Aperol Spritz is a confirmed summer aperitif, but DASH has given it an upgrade. 

Instead of topping your Aperol with Prossecco and plain soda water, they recommend topping it with Dash’s peach sparkling water for a subtle fruity twist.

Swap traditional sugary lemonade for DASH’s Lemon Sparkling Water. A crowd pleaser, it’s also the best drink to pair with food because of its light flavour. 

Extremely moreish, having cans of Dash Lemon at hand will keep guests satisfied all day. 

Why not add a twist to your g&t with the DASH soda water mixers? Just mix gin with DASH Garden Mint and Lime soda and garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of fruit. 

For a statement BBQ drink, rhubarb and fiery ginger soda water is a great choice. Whether served on its own with a slice of grapefruit or as part of a mixer, its taste bud-tingling flavour is bound to stand out from the crowd. 

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