Get crafty with the kids this Easter with the help of wilko

EASTER is a great time to spend quality time with the family – but after so long in lockdown, you may be struggling with new ideas for things to do.

This bank holiday, why not get creative with the kids? Now they’re back at school, this weekend is the perfect time to get crafty.

If you head to wilko, you can grab all of the makings for an adorable Curious Bunny plant pot topper – they’re super cute and easy to make, here’s how…

You’ll need:

  • Wool
  • An old cereal box,
  • Some glue (glue gun)
  • Paint

Step 1

First up, you’ll need to create the bunny’s body.

To do this, make a pom pom tool by cutting two medium sized circles out of the cereal box and sandwiching them together.

Then, create a small hole in your circle (it will look like a donut) and cut a line from the outside of the circle to the inside hole to create your opening.

Step 2

Now that you have your tool, it’s time to create the pompom!

Take your wool and wind it around the cardboard shape.

Once covered, use a pair of scissors to cut the string in-between the sandwiched circles.

You can then take the two loose string ends and tie a knot to fasten the pom pom.

Remove the cardboard and trim of any loose hanging wool.

Step 3

For the bunny’s tail, you can either make another, smaller, pom pom or use one of the items from the wilko big box of craft. Stick this on with glue.

Items you can buy at wilko

  • A selection of yarn, from £1 – for bunny body
  • wilko Big Box of Craft, £5 
  • White paint, £2 – for feet
  • Red paint, £2 – for feet (to make pink when mixed with white)
  • Black paint, £2 – for feet (to make grey when mixed with white)
  • Decorative carrots, £1
  • Coloured decorative eggs (12pk), £2
  • Glitter decorative eggs (6pk), £2
  • Loctite Hot Melt Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks, £7
  • Small plant pots, £1.50

Step 4

Now it’s time to get your bunny into the pot.

Take the body and stick it to the edge of your plant pot using glue – you’re now ready to add the feet.

Step 5

Using the leftover cardboard from the cereal box, cut out two egg shaped pieces out and paint them the same colour as the bunny body.

Once this is dry, add on the paw features using either paint or a felt tip pen.
Glue the feet to the body so they hang over the edge of the plant pot – you could also use felt for the feet, if you have it.

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