Golden Retriever Brothers Play in Snow for the First Time – And it Will Warm Your Heart

The holidays may be over, but it's still a winter wonderland out there in some parts of the world.

Two young golden retriever brothers Harry Winston and Louis Vuitton got the joy of experiencing their first big snow. The canines, who live with their owners Lisa and Rusty Hanafin in New York, were recently given the opportunity to explore their backyard after a snowstorm that left behind over 3 feet of the white stuff, according to Daily Mail.

Luckily, the Hanafins thought to record their dogs' first snow day. In the clip, Rusty can be seen opening the door out to the yard, while the two pups stand inside and marvel at all the snow. After a few paws at the snow and a little encouragement from their owners, the dog duo decides to jump in.

Even though the pooches practically disappear under the snow, the golden retrievers seem to enjoy the new twist to outdoor playtime. The video concludes with Harry and Louis happily jumping and play-fighting in the snow.

The dogs allegedly loved the change in weather so much, that they had to be lured back inside with hot dogs.

"'They thought it was wonderful – we couldn't get them back inside and had to have a bag of hotdogs to get them to come in," Lisa told Daily Mail, adding that she enjoyed watching the dogs happily experience something new.

"It was wonderful to watch them play in the snow – when they went out and it was falling they were looking up trying to catch it in their mouths – it was amazing."

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