‘GUHHATL’ Preview: Waka & Tammy Fight Over Having Kids — Watch

Waka and Tammy can agree to disagree — for now. The couple discusses how many kids they want in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 20 episode of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.’

Waka Flocka Flame, 33, has retired from rapping but Tammy Rivera, 32, thought he’d be less busy. Waka explains in our EXCLUSIVE preview of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta that he’s still working on things. Just because he’s retired doesn’t mean he’s just sitting around. “Well, we need to hurry up so I can go ahead and have a baby,” Tammy says.

Waka suddenly quips, “Twins.” Tammy makes it clear that she just wants one baby. They go back and forth about one baby or twins. “This is not up for discussion,” Tammy stresses. But Waka’s not letting his wish for twins go.

“I want twins,” Waka says to Tammy. Tammy claps back, “I don’t want twins.” Tammy notes that twins don’t run in her family, but Waka admits that twins do run in his family. Tammy quickly realizes that his uncle is a twin.

Waka and Tammy have been married since 2014. They separated in June 2016 after Waka’s infidelity but they did get back together. The couple renewed their vows in Mexico back in Jan. 2019. It’s clear they’re ready for the next chapter together — kids! Tammy has another child, Charlie, from a previous relationship.

The synopsis for the June 20 episode reads: “Bow faces tough love about his arrest and a dark cloud threatens to send him back to jail. Tammy’s heart-to-heart with Drea Kelly sparks a revelation about her marriage to Waka. Deb’s godson Brandon returns, but bad blood isn’t reconciled so easily.” Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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