Harry’s closest royal friendship has ‘endured’ despite ‘mixed loyalty’

Prince Harry may be estranged from some members of the Royal Family, but one important friendship has stood the test of time, according to a body language expert. Judi James spoke to Express.co.uk about Harry’s bond with cousin Princess Eugenie.

The expert suggested that Harry may have ruptured some friendships in recent years, however has maintained one particularly close one.

Judi stated: “Formerly one of the most popular royals, Harry divided loyalties with his rifts with his brother and Charles and Camilla, meaning many of his strongest royal friendships dissolved over the space of a couple of years.

“One that did endure and which even seemed to strengthen though is his friendship with his cousin Eugenie.”

Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie grew up together under the royal spotlight and have been subject to much the same scrutiny.

According to Judi James, their shared bond has strengthened over the years in spite of Harry’s departure from the UK.

She continued: “Eugenie has always been a royal Harry would seem to gravitate to during public events and his way of studying her face while he aired his sense of humour suggested that, although Eugenie has always tended to have a very regal bearing, she found him funny, while he loved making her laugh.”

The pair – and their respective partners – also have a lot in common, according to the expert.

Judi stated: “They were both rumoured to enjoy a party and Eugenie’s husband Jack is described as a bar manager and brand ambassador which does seem to have helped forge strong bonds with Harry, too.”

Harry and Meghan fully relocated from Frogmore Cottage to California in March 2020 and Princess Eugenie has since been to visit the pair stateside. While there may be “mixed loyalties”, Judi claimed this is something Eugenie has dealt with before.

Judi said: “When Harry and Meghan moved to the US it was Eugenie who was seen visiting her cousin in a very emphatic message of loyalty and support.

“Eugenie’s parents have both been outsiders in royal terms and so she knows all about managing mixed loyalties when it comes to being part of the Firm.

“The pair were photographed masked up at a sporting event and there were photographs of them enjoying a meal and plenty of laughter at a US restaurant.”

Harry and his cousin Eugenie were pictured enjoying the Super Bowl together in February 2022.

As well as their shared history, Harry and Eugenie’s friendship must be made easier by Eugenie’s fondness of Meghan Markle.

In fact, Judi argued that this might be “most important” to the royal friendship.

The expert stated: “Eugenie also seems to have a strong friendship with Meghan, too.

“Photos taken at a Halloween party show the two women dressed up in costume and clearly having a great time posing for selfies and laughing together to suggest the kind of fun, warm relationship Meghan missed out on from some of Harry’s other relatives.”

Meghan spoke fondly about this memory of Eugenie during an appearance on the Ellen show.

She recalled a “fun night on the town” in Toronto with Harry, Eugenie and Jack before her relationship with Harry went public.

They all dressed in post-apocalyptic themed costumes so were able to go unrecognised.

Judi concluded: “Given all the history of drama and rifts, Harry must really appreciate the way these two women get on so well together and this has led to rumours Eugenie and Jack might make the move to the US too, possibly to live near to Harry and his family.”

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