Has Love Island star Faye Winter had surgery? Here’s what you need to know

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Love Island 2021 is officially underway with a whole host of sexy singletons looking for love.

Amongst them is blonde beauty Faye Winter, who is currently coupled up with Brad McClelland.

Faye has become an instant hit on the show and managed to get herself into three different couples within the first hour and a half episode.

Stunning Faye has spoken about her surgery before, so what has she had done? Let's take a look….

What surgery has Faye Winter had?

Faye recently revealed to the Daily Star Sunday that she has had a boob job.

The 26 year old estate agent decided to make them bigger and she was thrilled with them as a result.

She told the publication: "I decided to go larger. And they don't give me backache, luckily. Am I happy with the work that I've had done? Yes.

"Do I think you should get work done if it will make you feel confident? 100%."

Faye added: "I've always gone to the gym. And I've always been body confident. I have never attempted to change myself to be something I'm not."

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Faye has also confirmed that she's had botox, and said in her opening video that she's "hard-faced" because of it.

Faye doesn't shy away from sharing gorgeous photos of herself on Instagram.

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The star often posts bikini photos and she also shared a photo in a lace bra while posing in her bedroom.

However, when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom Faye revealed she might have some reservations and joked that her parents could cut her out of their will if she did anything they weren’t “proud” of.

When asked whether or not she’d spoken to her family about what she would and wouldn’t do in the villa, Faye said, “It hasn’t been a conversation that we’ve had around the Sunday dinner table. I won’t lie.”

She joked: “But I'm very aware that me and my sister are in the will and I do still want to have a 50/50 share. So, you know, just gonna say, I can't do too much that they're not gonna be proud of!”

The Love Island 2021 star went on to confirm that her family are “super, super supportive” and that she feels “very, very lucky” to have them.

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