Head-turning super-short swimming trunks have space for sun cream, phones, books, wallets – and even COCKTAILS

A HEAD-TURNING pair of super-short swimming trunks have space for sun cream, phones, books – and even cocktails.

Limited-edition budgie smugglers from company JUNX boast 'custom-made storage solutions' to allow blokes to go hands-free on the beach.

And bizarre photos show the undercrackers in action, with models sporting a range of useful beach-going goods attached to the side.

The company says the bright neon shorts are aimed at UK men who fear losing their kit in the sand.

Four in 10 Brit adults pick function over design when picking swimwear, according to a new study.

Almost a quarter of the 2,000 men polled – 24 per cent – have either lost or had belongings stolen during their pool or beach trips, and 56 per cent wish there was a more practical way to carry items while in swimwear.

Olympic heroes Tom Daley and Matty Lee have played a role in increasing the popularity of tiny shorts – and a quarter of men think they should be more popular following the divers' recent Olympic gold win.

The swimmers, designed by travel site hoo, have now launched with an eighties-style ad.

The clip features a model with a fine moustache squirting sunscreen on himself, downing a cocktail and jogging down the beach Baywatch-style – all in his trunks.

Duncan McKenna, global marketing director at hoo, said: “We know people are continuing to find ways to make the best out of their holiday trips this summer.  

“By launching JUNX, we hope to alleviate some of the stresses often face during their beach or poolside trips.  

“With so many families planning a staycation this year, JUNX are guaranteed to brighten up the trip, regardless of the unpredictable UK weather.” 

  • For more information, or to buy a pair of the teeny tiny shorts, visit justhooit.com/junx

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