Hilarious pictures of dogs looking like something else

It’s a DOG-gelganger! Owners share hilarious snaps of pets and their famous doubles in the #LookAlikeChallenge – from Rod Stewart to a scowling Clint Eastwood

  • People from the US and UK have shared pictures of their look-alike pooches 
  • One was spitting image of Harrison Ford, another looked just like Albert Einstein  
  • A small white dog looked like it could be used as a duster to do the windows
  • Another looked just like Pennywise, the villainous clown from horror classic It 

They say dogs look like their owners – but these pooches also look like celebrities and famous characters.  

Dog lovers from the US and US have shared photos of their pets as part of the #LookAlikeChallenge – with the best examples collated in a Bored Panda gallery.  

One dog owner from Norwich showed how their scruffy white dog looked the spitting image of the father of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein. 

Another had people marvel at how much their cheeky Golden Retriever’s affable grin looked like Harrison Ford. 

And one left people in stitches by comparing their white fluffy pooch to a dusting brush. Here, FEMAIL reveals the best dog lookalikes, from a bike seat to baby Yoda.

In West Virginia , this handsome boy’s grin earned him to be compared to western legend and director Clint Eastwood (right)

Florida An ear of resemblance! One person, believed to be from the US, observed that their pooch looked just like Baby Yoda, from the Disney+ series the Mandalorian 

 Do you think I’m sexy? This pooch from Brooklyn was likened to the singer Sir Rod Steward, right,  thanks to its blond mane 

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One person living in New Mexico showed how much their dog looked like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh (right)

People have been sharing pictures of their dogs who looked like celebrities or other objects. In  Nebraska, one woman shared a spooky snap of her pooch, which looked just like the villainous clown from the horror classic It (right)

In Norwich, one dog lover showed how her scruffy white dog looked like scientist Albert Einstein (left) 

A person beleived to be from the US said her sleeping dog looked just like Falkor, the flying dog from the children 1980s classic The Neverending story  

It’s art! A woman believed to be living in the UK said her two dogs looked just like the American Gothic 1930 painting by Grant Wood

Harrison Furd! In the US, this Golden Retriver’s cheeky grin earned him to be compared to acting legend Harrison Ford 

This adorable chubby-looking Labrador puppy from Connecticut was compared by a baby seal by its owner 

It teeth uncanny! In Washington state, the pooch on the left was compared to Manny from the Ice Age cartoon  

Meanwhile, this panicked little pooch (above) was compared to the Ice Age’s unlucky squirrel Scratch (bottom)

Part of your world! One owner from Michigan was struck by how much their English Bulldog looked like Ariel the Little Mermaid as it perched on their bathtub 

ll it took was a white towel to highlight how much this bulldog looked like the friendly extraterritorial ET (right)

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