Hooters waitress says man grabbed her hair as he ‘didn’t believe it was real’

A Hooters worker was left in shock when a customer grabbed her hair and challenged her if if was real.

The 19-year-old, who goes by yezmineex on TikTok, recalled the terrifying incident when she was serving a white man in the restaurant.

Calling it the most disrespectful event she ever had, she shared how it all started to her viewers.

"I work at Hooters at a prominent white area and once I had this gentleman come in. He started off by asking my ethnicity and I told him I'm Black Vietnamese," she introduces.

She then alleges the man had a couple of beers and started talking about politics, but there's a rule at her workplace – never talk about politics.

The man allegedly went on ranting about the immigrant policy and accusing all Mexicans as "rapists" and "killers".

Yezmin continues: "I stood and listened and gave him a copy of his receipt and I simply walked away – this dude grabbed the back of my hair and said 'this isn't your real hair, is it?'

"I looked over to my white co-worker, she's looking over at me and I was like 'um, yeah, it is my hair.'

"And he said 'no it isn't, I know Black people can't grow hair like that'. I had no idea what to say, I was in complete and total shock."

The waitress hit back and told the customer: "You should never say that to a Black woman, or any woman, or any person. That was very offensive."

The man apologised to Yezmin and said he didn't know he offended her.

Viewers praised Yezmin for standing against the "assault" and some asked about her initial response, to which she answered: "As soon as he touched it, I snatched his hand away.

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"I didn't hit him, I moved his hand."

One commented: "I think this one is the worst one I've seen. You handled it very maturely."

"He literally puts his hands on you and expected you to be fine with it? Ew. I'm so sorry," another wrote.

"Be safe and keep your distance, never be alone and always have a guard but I'm glad you're okay," a third suggested.

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