Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 18


Your sparkling vitality adds an extra touch to your personality making you very popular. Friendship activities aren’t just fun but will also feel lucky for you in some way. Don’t be surprised to find yourself in the right place at the right time to grab a fantastic opportunity.


Keep your eyes and ears open for an investment idea or money tip that could be beneficial in the future. A friendship may need a little extra attention. Any effort you make to please people will be well worth it. Someone who has always been there for you in the past needs your support.


There is no need to feel lonely. If you can’t get out of the house, pick up the phone and invite someone around to visit you. Plenty of people enjoy talking to you. Many have enjoyed your entertaining company in the past and they will be happy to spend time with you now.


Rising costs are causing you to re-think your ambitions of getting on the property ladder or renovating your home. To combat costs of living, a new budget will be agreed on. You were prepared for hardship but this is in sharp contrast to where you had been dreaming you would be at this time in your life.


Sports and leisure pursuits you would normally enjoy will seem to fall flat. That’s because your thoughts are elsewhere, occupied with personal long-term considerations. What you really need to do is spend some time alone to seriously consider your future. There are some big issues you need to think about.


You might wonder how you have managed to accomplish so much in the past week or so. It will feel as if you have never stopped and you could do with an easy and undemanding day in order to recuperate your energy. Be sure to steer clear of a hyperactive friend.

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Money and friends will not make too happy a mix. Either you will accidently reveal more about your personal financial situation than is wise or someone else will share a secret you feel uncomfortable about knowing. Steer conversations on to a safer subject and a happier picture will emerge.


You will be tempted to commit to a future arrangement that is not going to be too expensive. The hope is that you will be able to put some cash away regularly to pay for this. Even so, it’s not going to be easy when you still have increasing costs of keeping a roof over your head.


A partner or housemate will try to persuade you to part with your cash. You’re more aware than ever of the need to be careful in your spending and it doesn’t matter how hard they try, you will not agree to a purchase they want to make jointly when you have other things to spend your money on.


You accept the need to find ways to help ease current commitments. Job and home responsibilities aren’t mixing very well. This state of affairs cannot continue for much longer. If this means persuading people to agree on some changes, open discussions now.


A friend or relative is starting to ask too much of you. They may not realise how demanding they are. Don’t suffer in silence. Speak out if you feel badly done to. Those sharing your world cannot remain happily ignorant any longer. It isn’t fair on you.


You feel you have to keep up with an adventurous friend who is encouraging you to yet again try something new. If you’re tired of feeling forced into things you don’t want to do, start saying no. Look to find inner peace of mind rather than constantly seeking new experiences.

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