Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Monday, May 9

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Getting back into any kind of routine seems impossible at the moment. You’re feeling an increasing need to get away from anything that is familiar, normal and routine. This could be difficult if you work in a shop, office or factory. All you can do is start making plans to get away.


Clearing up a backlog will also help you decide on your priorities for the weeks ahead. If there are matters recently pushed aside because you didn’t have time for them, there should be no difficulty catching up on these now. You prefer everything to be neat and tidy and in good order.


Trivial concerns that wouldn’t normally bother you are starting to get you down. You are coming to realise you have been making too many personal sacrifices for your work. Talk to a senior colleague if the pressure is becoming too much to bear and all this responsibility is starting to make you ill.



A senior colleague or employer is expecting too much from you. Others have less to do now that you are being asked to take on more responsibilities. There is no fairness in others benefiting more than you while you do the lion’s share of the work. Be patient as an interesting offer is soon to come your way.


You’re working hard and yet there is little evidence, material wise, to show for your efforts. Money goes out as quickly as it is coming in. You might dream of all the wonderful things you could do with your cash if only you could save it. Keep on dreaming. One day, the situation will change.


Getting some rest and relaxation will seem like a top priority. Plans you had for the day will be put to one side when you may be feeling slightly under the weather. You had been hoping to get a number of personal matters out of the way but these will have to be left for another day.


A friend needs support with a career matter when they have found themselves out of their depth. If you can’t help them you might know someone who will be willing to step in. A tax, property, insurance or financial matter will bring some cause for concern. Give this matter your immediate attention.


You are being expected to take on more work responsibilities. Even before new rules were considered to be a reality, many in the workplace were concerned about how these might affect their everyday lives. Working longer hours will eventually impact your health and family life.


At home it isn’t easy to feel enthusiastic for whatever is going on. At work or within an outside environment it is a different story. This will be a good time for getting involved in group and community projects. You put ideas forward with a relaxed kind of ease that makes others instantly pay attention.


It is unusual for you to want action, activity and some lively company. You’re trying to ignore a restless feeling that makes it hard for you to sit still for more than a minute. This is all the more annoying when a job you are working on demands quiet concentration.


A problem you need to resolve will need a practical approach. Use your common sense to deal with an unexpected dilemma. You aren’t to blame for having got into a situation that is more challenging, confusing and demanding than you had originally expected.


You have a lot of thinking to do. Your views on an official matter will differ greatly from a partner’s. Someone is trying to persuade you to get involved in a fundraiser but do you have the time? You already have too much to do and as much as you will support this cause, you cannot take on any more.

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