‘Hotel Rwanda’ & ‘Between Two Seas’ Writers Team On Serial Killer Series ‘The Alexandria Killings’ For Front Row, Yalla Yalla

Oscar-winning writer-director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) and Egyptian writer Mariam Naoum (Between Two Seas) have been attached to co-write the serial killer series The Alexandria Killings from Front Row Filmed Entertainment and Rocket Science’s Middle East-based Yalla Yalla.

Set in 1920 Alexandria when Egypt was under British rule, the series will chronicle the true story of Egyptian sisters Raya and Sakina. The sisters came from a poor Alexandria neighborhood and rose from poverty to run a glamorous brothel operation, drawing on a powerful and influential circle of Egyptian and British officers, informants, and statesmen. The rise and fall of their empire found the sisters relying more and more on petty theft, leading to the murder of 17 women in crimes of opportunity.

Producers on the show are Gianluca Chakra, Thorsten Schumacher, and Terry George. The companies say the project will form the first part of a MENA-based true crime anthology series set in various periods and locations within the Arab world. The Alexandria Killings will be shot predominantly in Arabic with English to reflect the British rule.

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