How to save battery life on phone

Your phone’s battery life gets worse the longer you have had your phone. After charging your phone about 400 times from zero to 100 your phone’s battery capacity will degrade by 20 percent. There are things you can do to extend the everyday battery life of your phone, which will extend its battery lifespan in general.

How to save battery life on phone

Avoid extreme temperatures

If you leave your phone in the sun or in a very cold area, it can strain the battery.

This shortens your battery’s lifespan, meaning you’ll run out of battery more quickly all the time.

Never leave your phone in the car when it’s hot or below freezing.

Avoid fast charging

Fast charging chargers stresses the battery, so you should avoid using fast charging unless you really need it.

The slower you charge your battery the better, so charging it overnight is your best bet.

Charging your phone from your computer can also limit the current going into your phone, charging it slowly.

Avoid letting it die or charging it fully

Try not to let your phone die or reach 100 percent– this will stress the battery.

You should keep your phone between 20 percent and 90 percent, since your battery is happiest at around 50 percent.

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Turn down brightness

Your screen is the component that uses the most battery life.

Using the Auto Brightness feature on your phone will save energy by reducing screen brightness when there’s less light.

It adjusts according to light conditions, but you can also use the slider to turn brightness down further.

Reduce screen timeout

Auto-lock on an iPhone, or Screen Timout on other phones is when your screen turns off after a set period of time.

Most phones are set to lock at about two minutes without use, but you can reduce this time to save more energy.

One minute or 30 seconds might work for you, but you could find that your screen dims too soon when you are reading a long chunk of text.

Choose a dark theme

By turning on dark mode or picking a dark theme for your phone, you will prolong your battery life.

When displaying black the pixels in your screen don’t need to display anything, so they don’t turn on.
This means no energy is used.

However, if your phone does not have an OLED screen, which includes all iPhones before the iPhone X, a dark theme won’t impact your battery life.

Delete apps

Social media apps are a total battery-drainer on any phone.

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp messenger, Netflix, Youtube, News Apps, and Tik Tok use lots of battery by sending notifications and running background syncs updates.

Limit the use of the app on your phone, or turn off all of the notifications from inside these apps.

Obviously this is not ideal with messaging apps, so use your common sense.

Use energy saving mode

Low power mode is a real thing! When it is enabled, your phone can only perform essential tasks.

This means activities such as downloads and mail fetching will be disabled.

Low Power Mode automatically turns on when battery falls below 20 percent, but you can manually turn it on at all times.

You can also see which apps use the most battery on your phone here, if you have an iPhone.

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Turn off location services

Having location services on are essential for apps such as Google Maps, weather apps, Find My iPhone.

However, these apps can drain your battery quickly.

You don’t need to turn location services off completely, since you can customise which apps use location services on most phones.

iPhones have an option to allow some apps to ‘Always’ use location services, while others can ‘Never’ use them, and others can only use them ‘While Using the App’.

If you change the settings to allow apps only to use your location when you open the app, it won’t do so in the background with the app closed. This means less energy is wasted.

Turn Off Background App refresh

When you close an app, it will usually run in the background until entering a suspended state.

However, Background App Refresh means those suspended apps will still check for updates and new content.

This drains battery life, so suspending Background App Refresh will save energy.

Airplane mode

If you are out and about with no way of charging your phone and the battery is dangerously low, use Airplane mode.

Airplane mode turns off your phone’s wireless features, so calls and texts won’t come through unless you are connected to Wi-Fi.

Turn off Siri

If you have an iPhone, you know exactly who Siri is. Other phones have similar digital assistants and can also follow these steps.

Turn off Siri to save battery, since her suggestions based on your daily activity will use energy.

Disable Siri’s suggestions in your settlings.

You can also kill Siri’s active listening, which means Siri isn’t constantly listening and waiting for the command “Hey, Siri”.

Turn off vibrate

Vibrations when you get a notification will drain battery life.

There is a motor inside your device that allows it to vibrate, and it runs off energy.

Turning this off in your settings will help to save battery-life.

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