‘I crave risky sex with young admirers at work – my boring partner isn’t enough’

I crave excitement and risky sex.

I’m done with behaving myself. Why should I work like stink and stay faithful to my boring partner when I’m desperate to break free?

My long-term partner is decent enough, but our sex life is predictable and boring.

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I have young admirers at work who have told me they love experienced, older women.

I suspect a saucy affair will make me feel vital and vibrant again. Everyone else seems to be having a ball. Why not me?

JANE SAYS: An affair would cause hurt.

Your partner would be devastated, your boss would be furious and you’d be left filled with guilt and self-loathing.

Why not use the pent-up energy you’re experiencing to better use with your partner?

Suggest to him that you reboot your relationship with a romantic weekend or date nights.

If he’s not interested, then he needs to tell you why.

If your relationship isn’t going to go the distance, then you’ll have the option to seek new lovers as a single woman.

But be careful about being hasty.


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