‘I work at McDonald’s – I know what kind of person you are from your order’

A McDonald's worker has claimed she can tell a lot about her customers from their food order – whether it's a 20-box of chicken nuggets or a Fillet-O-Fish.

Staff member for the fast-food chain, Ruby gained more than 195,000 likes after she explained to her followers what their go-to meal says about them – and people believe she was pretty accurate.

In her video, which began with a snap of her in uniform, Ruby wrote: "What you look like based on what you order (from a McDonald’s worker)."

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She then went on to explain that if you order a 99p Chicken Mayo – you're probably a teenage girl.

But a fish finger Happy Meal is apparently the order for nerdy young boys, while young boys, who 'have braces,' opt for a plain burger.

She added that muscular men frequently go for a triple cheeseburger and overweight builders who opt for a Big Tasty – with or without bacon.

Whereas a Fillet-o-Fish is the meal of choice for older women and "any of the wraps" are ordered by a stressed mum.

However, the popular 20-share box of nuggets is frequently the choice for young men.

In the caption, she confessed her go-to is a "triple cheeseburger without pickles or onions."

Viewers were stunned by how accurate the video was as they took to the comments to praise her for her correct judgements.

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One user commented: "Why is this so accurate?"

Another penned: "Accurate! I get a wrap and my child gets the fish finger happy meal and looks like that."

"Im either a stressed-out mum or a fat builder lol," a third quipped.

A fourth, who also works at McDonald's said: "Yeah I agree with this, also as a Maccies employee."


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