iFamous: These Are The Apps That Celebs Love Using

Celebs, like regular folks, use a ton of applications, but they too have some that are their absolute favorites.

Celebrities and their fans have been glued to one another via social media as the rage of the digital age builds around the world. Applications have been a path for celebrities to stay connected with their fans, share snippets about their personal life, and spread social awareness about the issues occurring around the world. As everyone uses smartphones as a means of entertainment, celebrities are not far behind. From musicians to performing artists to actors, everyone has embraced different platforms. While the lifestyle celebs lead may seem quite distinctive from the general public, their love for applications is just like any other person in the world.

As they gain an immense following and earn money for their posts, they also love to upload photos and videos about the things that interest them. While some choices are obvious, there are other creative apps also endorsed by celebrities. One of the best ways to find out the applications used by personalities is through their social media profiles. Here’s a list of eight apps that celebs love to use.


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The app was co-founded by David Pierson and Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe where users can listen to meditation guides to relieve their stress and anxiety. When it is time to take some time out of their busy lives, celebrities have turned to Headspace for a peaceful experience. Several Hollywood A-listers such as Jessica Alba and Ryan Searcast have invested in Headspace, while celebs like Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow recommend this app.


Amongst the world of celebrity dating, Raya has garnered a spot as the most exclusive online dating app for the elite. While the features remain similar to Tinder, the app has certain requirements to be met before becoming a part of Raya. The app is only limited to people who have a creative occupation. Many celebrities, including Kelly Osbourne, Matthew Perry, and Raven-Symoné, were spotted on Raya.


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While taking the perfect selfie can be a big hassle, it is quite mysterious how celebrities can master the art of taking pictures. Perfect365 is a virtual beauty app that enhances the photo and allows users to choose from several virtual looks. Kim Kardashian has admitted to having used the app to post her selfies and made the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family download the app as well.


Twitter has become one of the most influential apps on social media where celebrities want to market their endorsements and promote their work. Additionally, they use the medium to share personal news with the fans about their lives. Celebs such as Ariana Grande, the seventh-most followed account on Twitter, use their account to promote their albums and address the world about several updates, relationships, and tour events.

Face Swap

Face Swap is one of the silliest celebrity-endorsed apps that allow a person to switch faces with anyone for a photo. It switches the faces during a live video recording or to take a snap. Sia who likes to keep her face hidden from the public, endorsed this app to promote her seventh stupid album, This Is Acting. She urged fans to download the application and swap their faces with the model on the album cover. She sold over 81,000 copies within the first week of its release.


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YouTube has been the most influential platform for people to create videos and earn recognition. Today, it has also become a medium for A-list celebrities to have channels that showcase a side of them never seen before, from hobbies to personal vlogs. Karlie Kloss and Dwayne Johnson use their channels to upload workout videos and promote their endorsement, while Zac Efron has started a YouTube travel channel called Off The Grid to showcase his love for travel.

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Instagram is a popular social networking platform that is used by people from all walks of life, from celebrities to sports personalities to media influencers. Celebrities share their photos and videos on Instagram to stay connected to their fans. Dwyane Johnson is the most followed Hollywood celebrity on Instagram with 256 million followers who is an active member of the app. He posts videos and photos of his family, brand endorsements, movie promotions, and his businesses, including the popular Teramana Tequila.


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TikTok is best known for allowing users to dub over videos with different audios and sounds. Users can start dance challenges and trends that have made careers of the lesser-known. Lil Nas X got a jumpstart to his career through TikTok when his now hit song Old Town Road was used for several trends and challenges. The song was on the No. 1 position on the Billboard chart for over 19 weeks. Celebrities including Cher, Avril Lavigne, and more recently Taylor Swift has also joined the platform to promote their work, much to the users’ delight.

Along with the mentioned applications, celebrities also use love apps such as Snapchat and Bitmoji to create their avatars for fun. From platforms that help people relax to social media used for heavy endorsements, celebs are not entirely different from the general public with their love for apps. They create a foundation with their profiles and build connections with people.

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