‘I’m a physiotherapist – people are pooing wrong and should follow these steps’

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    When nature calls, do you know what you need to do?

    You may think you do – but according to an Aussie physiotherapist named Georgia, people have been pooing wrong their entire lives.

    The pelvic floor expert, from Vienna, Australia, warned people that they may be making their bowel movements more difficult for themselves and provided instructions to help tackle the problem.

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    In a clip, which has gained more than 290 likes on the official account for wellness brand Bien Aus, she gave a six-step guide on "how to poop like a queen."

    "Constipated? You're probably [pooping] wrong," she explained, before demonstrating the following 6 steps:

    1. Pop a squat

    The first thing Georgia wanted her followers to do was to alter their seating position on the toilet as she instructed them to 'pop a squat.'

    She was seen in the clip, demonstrating how should sit – keeping her legs wide open and her feet flat on the floor and keeping her knees bent as though she was going into a squat position.

    2. Feet up

    Secondly, she claimed people should put their feet up on a toilet stool or, in her case, toilet paper rolls.

    This is because our bodies are designed to do the perfect poo when our knees are above our hips, according to Health Line.

    A 2019 study analysed the squatting position resulting in less straining and more complete bowel movements.

    3. Lean forward

    Next, she said you should lean forward.

    This position reportedly helps to widen the angle of the rectum so the poo can travel straighter and easier.

    4. Relax

    However, Georgia warned that while leaning forward the muscles in your abdomen should be relaxed because if you're tense, you might be making it harder for yourself to have a bowel movement.

    The tense muscles could also be tightening pelvic floor muscles and making it harder to get anything out.

    Sometimes working way too hard at it is actually working against you.

    5. Breathe and moo

    She also said you should take deep breaths from your belly and 'make moo sounds like a cow'.

    Bulging your stomach when you take a breath in will give you the pressure to push down to empty your bowels.

    These techniques will help your body relax and make it easier to go to the toilet.

    6. Avoid straining

    Her final tip was to avoid bearing down and straining too much.

    Chronic straining from constipation can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, excessive stress on pelvic organs and nerves, as well as bladder dysfunction and recurring accidental bowel leakage, according to Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Centre.


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