In A Controversial Move, Mariah Carey Sells Her Mother’s Home For $757,444

Mariah Carey is known for her innate ability to hit the high notes, and the songstress has sung her way to a massive $320 million net worth. She has recently added $250,000 to her fortune, but it has come with a lot of negative press and is attached to ongoing familial controversy. The New York Post has reported that amid a family feud, and unresolved tension with her mother, Mariah Carey has sold the home she initially purchased for her mom several years ago, and has shifted Patricia Carey, to a dedicated assisted-living residence. The sale of the home generated a decent profit margin, but given the fact that Mariah Carey is clearly not in need of the additional monetary padding in her bank account, her motives have been scrutinized by fans.

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Many years ago, Mariah Carey bought a house for her mother, Patricia, and that is where the 84 year old has called home… until now.

In an unexplained move, Mariah Carey listed and sold the home that she had gifted to her mom, and moved her into what is being described as being a luxury assisted living facility.

The house itself is located in North Salem, and Mariah Carey is said to have purchased it for $419,000 in 1994.

This upstate New York home boasts 4 large bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms, and sits on a perfectly landscaped piece of property. It is now the home that new owners will fill with their own photos and memories, and the features of the home will surely be enjoyed by the new residents. This comes after the house sat idle and empty for an entire year, during which time Patricia was settling into her upscale assisted living environment in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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After ensuring that her mother was assimilating well in her new environment, Mariah Carey saw no need to maintain ownership of the land, and recently sold the home for a whopping $757,444. This generated an impressive profit for the artist, but some fans are wondering if this was really a necessary move for Mariah to make.

While some fans saw this as a perfectly logical sale, others have questioned Mariah Carey’s motives, especially considering her strained relationship with her mother and the fact that her siblings had recently filed a defamation suit against Mariah over the release of her memoir titled The Meaning of Mariah Carey,

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