JoJo Siwa Just Somewhat Dramatically Announced Her Breakup via Instagram Comments

I know this news must come as a massive shock—more massive than a giant hair bow, even—but JoJo Siwa has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend Mark Bontempo. If you’re reaction to this news is “whomst is Mark Bontempo?” the answer is he’s a musician who’s been dating JoJo Siwa since August, duh.

Anyway, JoJo announced this life update in an Instagram comment captured by the account @TikTokRoom. Which, for what it’s worth, is where I’ll be announcing all my relationship news from now on.

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As Seventeen notes, Mark’s sister Madison Bontempo and her husband, Kyler Fisher, spoke about the breakup in a YouTube video, with Kyler saying “It wasn’t a bad break up, they’re actually really good friends. They’re just in different parts of life right now.”

Meanwhile, Madison said, “They lived like an hour and a half away from each other too so it was hard to commute,” and noted that her brother might be open to getting back together in the future. A girl can dream!

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