Julie Chen calls ‘Big Brother’ fans ‘hypocrites’ amid Taylor Hale controversy

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Julie Chen called “Big Brother” fans “hypocrites” for attacking the Season 24 houseguests who have isolated their co-star Taylor Hale.

Chen made the critical remark during an interview with Parade Thursday when asked about the “mob mentality” inside the “Big Brother” house.

“It’s so interesting that you use the term ‘mob mentality.’ Because isn’t that what Twitter has done? Aren’t you all being hypocrites?” the host of the CBS reality competition show responded.

“There has been this mob mentality created against people in the house, who viewers feel have not been kind to Taylor.”

That said, Chen, 52, acknowledged that she feels for Hale, 27, whose housemates recently came under fire for mistreating and ostracizing her.

“We all walk through life thinking that we’re good, decent people. You don’t set out to be unlikable,” the former “The Talk” co-host said. “It hurts, and I have sympathy for her. I have sympathy for everyone in that house. It’s not easy.”

Chen’s “hypocrites” comment immediately sparked a debate on Twitter.

“Very unfortunate that Julie said this, how can she not see what’s happening on her own show?” one fan wrote.

“Bad take Julie,” another agreed.

“Ummm new host… right tf now,” a third viewer begged.

But others sided with Chen, arguing that she made a valid point.

“This is why I love Julie Chen!” one defender tweeted.

“Julie Chen was right to call y’all hypocrites!!” another wrote.

Last weekend, several former “Big Brother” contestants took to social media to call out what they saw as microaggressions toward Hale, a black woman.

Xavier Prather, who last year became the first-ever black “Big Brother” US winner, tweeted that the current cast’s behavior was “reprehensible.”

Prather’s fellow Cookout alliance member Tiffany Mitchell added that she was “FUMING” over the houseguests “gossiping and tearing down another black woman who actually did NOTHING to them.”

Rachel Reilly, meanwhile, called on the women in the house to “empower and lift each other up.”

“Big Brother” airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

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