Kate closest relationship in Royal Family is ‘only in past tense’

Prince Harry in his memoir 'will not spare us his anger' says expert

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Kate Middleton is often spotted with other key royals, laughing, smiling and chatting, which suggests she is close to a number of the family members. But according to body language expert Judi James, her relationship with Prince Harry stood out as her most cherished, comfortable bond. How did it change over time?

Judi told Express.co.uk: “Kate’s closest friendship in the Royal Family is, sadly, one that only exists only in the past tense.

“Her strongest relationship signals, apart from with her husband, were always with Harry.”

This was “the man who called her his ‘Big Sister’ and the royal with whom she appeared most relaxed and able to reveal her fun side”.

As future Queen Consort, Kate typically mirrored her husband’s more “serious” body language rituals when they were together.

However, it was conversations with younger brother Harry that had Kate “grinning” or “laughing.

Judi continued: “Harry was always there to often monopolise Kate on public events they all shared.”

He would “dig away in terms of humour and signs of naughtiness until she joined in”.

Judi picked up on occasions where Kate would “mirror his smiles, eye contact and his open and very spontaneous laughter”.

And the relationship was mutually beneficial, with body language displays that “seemed to bring out the best side of both of them”.

The expert continued: “Their heads would often lean together to create a sense of exclusive conversations that did often include whispering from Harry while Kate would grin or laugh at his comments.

“Even at more formal occasions when they weren’t actually chatting their mirrored signals of suppressed smiles often suggested they were sharing a silent joke.”

A prime example of this was at an Anzac Day in 2019, when Harry and Kate arrived together smiling.

Meghan was absent on this occasion as she was about to give birth but the “surprise appearance” between brother and sister-in-law was a glimpse into the “strength of this fond relationship”.

Judi suggested that there might have been “echoes of something more maternal for Harry”, who lost his mother at just 12 years old.

Judi explained: “Harry’s facial expression as he stood smiling at Kate emphasised the level of affection he had for her.”

However, their relationship did not maintain its intrinsic closeness, according to the expert.

She concluded: “Sadly, their future appearances became frosty and distanced, one of the biggest casualties of the rift between the brothers.”

According to Judi, the now Princess did attempt to salvage their bond, to no avail.

“Kate seemed to have given healing the relationship between the brothers her best shot at Philip’s funeral,” the expert suggested. 

In this moment, Kate walked with William and Harry and left the brothers to walk and talk together.

“Since then, the pair have hardly looked at each other in public, let alone spoken.”

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