Kelly Dodd Apologizes For Saying Heather Dubrow's Son Gave Her Covid-19

Dodd claims she received a letter from Dubrow’s attorney.

Kelly Dodd is once again walking back her statements — this time after apparently receiving legal pushback.

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday, the former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star apologized for suggesting she caught Covid-19 from Heather Dubrow’s 16-year-old son, Nicholas, at a New Year’s Eve party.

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“I got this letter from an attorney for the Dubrow family reminding me I made a statement that may sound like truth, when in fact it was a joke and for that, I am offering my sincere apology,” she began. “I did get COVID at a party New Year’s Eve, and Heather Dubrow’s son and his friends were all there. And while I had information leading us all to believe we could’ve gotten COVID from them, because we all — like, 24 of us — got COVID that night, we obviously have no way of proving or knowing for sure he or his friends were the source of our infection.”

“And for that, I apologize,” she continued. “I’m going on the record right now to be very clear: Rick [Leventhal] and I don’t know how we caught the virus, and we’re both very very sorry for any trouble we caused the Dubrow family.”

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Dodd’s comments follow the news that her 15-year-old daughter, Jolie, was diagnosed with Covid-19 in June.

This isn’t the first time the reality vet got into hot water in relation to the pandemic, as she once called it “God’s way of thinning the herd.” Dodd quickly said she was sorry for her words at the time, as well, claiming, “I’m not insensitive. I feel bad for all the families that lost loved ones. I want to apologize to anyone who got offended, OK? I’m sorry.”

And in January, she received backlash after she joked about being a COVID superspreader while dining at a restaurant without a face mask.

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