KFC brings back its 10 pieces of chicken for £10 deal

FRIED chicken fans can get their hands on 10 pieces for £10 as KFC brings back a popular meal deal. 

For ten pounds, you can get 10 pieces of original recipe chicken – but this would usually cost £19.90.

While this is a great money saver from KFC don't forget to factor in delivery fees.

The major takeaway apps all have different delivery fees, with Deliveroo and UberEats charging both delivery and service fees depending on location. 

On average you’re looking at a £2.50 delivery fee for UberEats, along with a service fee which equates to roughly 10% of your total order. 

On Deliveroo, the average delivery fee is dependent on how close you are to the restaurant – but remember there's also a 49p service charge.

As for JustEat, their maximum delivery charge is £2.49 and they don’t add on any service charges to their orders. 

But is this the cheapest bucket of fried chicken you can get? Other popular chains aren’t offering the same competitive offer.

An order of 10 pieces of original chicken will cost you £14.97 at Chicken Cottage, and £17.14 at Sam’s Chicken. That’s all before a delivery fee too. 

The deal is running on delivery apps Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat which starts from today until the 21st of February.

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