Landlord is blasted for £725 studio flat in Dulwich

Landlord is blasted for £725-a-month ‘studio flat’ with a single bed blocking the wardrobe, no work surfaces to prepare food and no blinds on window overlooking communal garden

  • Joel Golby blasted ‘the saddest spare room’ advertised for £725 on Gumtree
  • Claims the Dulwich property is evidence landlords do whatever they want
  • Tenancy for single person, rent includes bills and access to a communal garden  

An author who has an eagle-eye for spotting the worst properties listed for rent in the Capital has accused a landlord in Dulwich of offering the ‘saddest spare room’ of all time.

Vice writer Joel Golby spotted the studio flat for rent in Dulwich on classified advert website Gumtree, for £725, inclusive of all bills.

An image of the space shows a single bed placed in front of a wardrobe so that it blocks the doors, begging the question of how a tenant would hang up their clothes. 

Even more of a mystery is how you would manage to cook, without any work space to prepare food before heating it in the microwave fixed to the wall or in the mini oven with two hot plates on top.  

A landlord in London has been accused of offering the ‘saddest spare room’ of all time, after listing a studio flat in Dulwich for £725

Warning off prospective renters, Joel said: ‘Think about this, before you ever rent a place: is this room worse than every spare room you’ve ever stayed in? If the answer is “yes”, don’t rent it,’ he continued.

The studio flat in Dulwich, on offer for £725, is inclusive of all bills and has access to a communal garden.

Advertised as for a single person only, the property is available to rent immediately with one month deposit and one month rent upfront.

Photographs reveal the tenant is expected to cook meals without a chopping area or full kitchen appliances 

Photographs show a single bed placed extraordinarily close to a radiator and also blocking access to the wardrobe.

Amenities have been placed strategically to maximize space with a microwave positioned on the wall above a mini fridge.

In the absence of a kitchen, the property has no cupboards, a kitchen sink or worktops to chop ingredients – however it has a mini oven for cooking basic dishes.

Photos of the living space also shows there’s no space for a bedside table and the tenant will have to rely on the ceiling light to brighten up the room because of the small size of the window, which also has no curtains or blinds for privacy.

A snap of the bathroom shows no mirror on the wall or bathroom cabinets for storage, while the small sink is placed directly next to the shower 

The tenant has access to a communal garden, which is absent of plants or a seating area for socialising 

Meanwhile, a first glimpse of the bathroom shows clean walls with a modern marble pattern.

But with no mirror and a tiny sink placed directly next to the shower, it’s evident the space is extremely small with only basics provided. 

A photo of the communal garden is equally disappointing for the £725 per month asking fee, as it shows a relatively neglected space, with no plants or seats for socialising.

The single bed in the studio flat has been placed dangerously close to the radiator and blocks access to the wardrobe 

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