Lass sneaks guy home after NYE party – then wakes up to cringe text from her mum

A lass was mortified when she tried to sneak a guy back only to find out her mum had watched the whole thing – and sent her an embarrassing text.

In a video, student Carley, who was home for the holidays, shows herself trying to deactivate the Ring doorbell camera and then gestures "come here" to the lad.

She then does a "shush" sign with her finger over her mouth and the couple creep into her home, thinking nobody can see them.

Unfortunately, the New Year's Eve shenanigans were foiled by the Ring camera which was still recording as they entered the house.

The next morning, Carley woke up to some interesting texts from her mum, who wasn't even asleep when she came home, and some of them had people in stitches.

"Do you have someone here?" read the first one which was sent as Carley came back.

In the morning, the texts ramped up with a cheeky: "Who is in your bed this am?"

Next, her mum sent her: "Hello missy… are you not awake yet? How about your bed partner?"

"What a great way to start the year," Carley joked in the caption as she posted the hilarious footage and text exchange on her @carley_weaver1 TikTok account.

It has been watched more than 2 million times since it was uploaded on Sunday (January 2) and people in the comments section were in stitches.

One viewer joked: "I'm dying. You signalling 'shhhh'".

Another commented: "The fact you had the courage to do that is commendable. I would feel awkward with my own parents lol."

"That would be my sign to look for an apartment," said a third viewer.

Someone else wrote: "I'm so happy the Ring wasn't a thing when I was in High School. Just had to memorise every creak in the floor and step carefully."

Meanwhile, other users loved her mum's delicate phrasing, with one quipping: "I'm only referring to my fiancé as my bed partner from this day forward."

"I’m dying over 'bed partner'!" commented a second.

Another said: "Bed partner I'm sobbing my dad called my first ex my bed friend when he caught us LMAO!"

Carley told worried viewers that she and her mum are "besties" and the texts were not to be taken seriously.

The student said her mum "laughed" about the story and she added: "She was just caught off guard."

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