Lee Hi Makes Epic Comeback With New EP ’24 Degrees’ & Gorgeous Video For Single ‘No One’

Lee Hi is making one heck of a comeback. The K-pop starlet has released her new EP ’24℃’ and her music video for ‘No One’ with B.I. Fans are over the moon with excitement.

There’s so much amazing Lee Hi, 22, content at the moment. She unveiled her gorgeous music video for his latest title track “No One,” featuring iKON’s B.I. The song is part of her newest EP 24℃. The EP has 5 songs and includes features artists like TREASURE 13’s Choi Hyun Suk, G.Soul, and more. Lee Hi’s “No One” music video is a stunning achievement. Lee Hi and Hanbin have created something truly magical. In less than 12 hours, the music video has over 300,000 views on YouTube.

Fans are absolutely in love with the “No One” video. “Lee Hi and Hanbin dropped the collaboration of the century and I hope this tops every single one of the Korean charts. Truly a BANGER,” one fan tweeted. Another wrote, “THE MV IS SO BEAUTIFUL. THE LYRICS, ON POINT. HANBIN AND LEE HI SNAPPED. THIS SONG IS A BOP.” One fan tweeted, “Told yall never ever underestimate the power of Lee Hi and B.I”

She explained how “No One” became her lead single in a new interview. “I recorded a myriad of songs but could not choose a lead song among them ― I was looking for a number that could resonate with myself and the listeners. In the end, I got ‘No One.’” Lee told Korea Times. “When I first heard the song without melodies or lyrics, I thought it was novel but too challenging for me. But the completed version enthralled me.”

The EP is Lee Hi’s first since 2016. Her comeback has been highly anticipated and she didn’t disappoint whatsoever. We can’t wait to see what Lee Hi has planned next.

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