Lidl is selling gin-infused Wensleydale CHEESE for Christmas – The Sun

WITH Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to stock up on all your festive favourites and that includes this gin-infused cheese from Lidl.

The supermarket has launched the new Wensleydale cheese for Christmas and customers already can’t get enough.

The Wensleydale cheese is infused with Hortus gin and complemented with dried fruit.

If you’re really into the Christmas spirit and wanting the perfect festive cheese board there’s the Christmas Tree Smocked Cheddar made from a blended cheddar smoked Nordic pine, and a Mature Cheddar with Balsamic Onion.

Lidl’s collection also includes a large baking Camembert with chorizo or fig, maple, and pecan.

You can get Lidl deluxe cheese collections starting from £1.49.

This festive cheese is available at your nearest Lidi.

Lidl isn't the only supermarket releasing alcohol infused foods.

Aldi revealed their booze-filled Christmas foods for this Christmas.

The list ranges from maple and bourbon gammon, prosecco panettone, and slow gin mince tarts.

If you're not sure when your local Lidl will be open over the holidays, make sure you check opening hours for your last minute shop.

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