Lil Nas X Previews His New Song While Celebrating The ‘Creators’ In Logitech’s Super Bowl Ad

While giving a taste of his upcoming track, ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name),’ Lil Nas X teamed with Logitech to encourage everyone to ‘defy’ their inner saboteur and embrace their ‘creative’ voice.

“We stand here in defiance,” a proud Lil Nas X says at the start of Logitech’s commercial for Super Bowl LV. The commercial, which launches Logitech’s DEFY LOGIC campaign, sees the “Old Town Road” singer celebrate the “makers,” “groundbreakers,” “streamers,” and “dreamers” who dare to defy “expectations, perceptions, and misconceptions.” (That’s something Lil Nas X has some experience with, right?) With Nas X’s not-yet-released song, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” playing, the commercial showcases a diverse cast of creative individuals – artists, podcasters, makeup visionaries, musicians. In this vignette, these artists use Logitech products to defy genres, algorithms, and any other barrier that would prevent them from sharing their voice with the world. “We defy that little voice that says, ‘oh no, we can’t,’ with a roar that says, ‘oh yes, we will,’ “ says Nas X.

“Because, to create the future, you must defy the logic the logic of the past,” says Lil Nas X, delivering a knockout line that should inspire everyone to stop what they’re doing and pick up those creative projects they’ve been putting off. “DEFY LOGIC celebrates people pursuing their passions and breaking new ground, despite what current conventions, past precedent, or traditional thinking might suggest is possible,” said Heidi Arkinstall, chief marketing officer at Logitech, in a press statement accompanying the commercial.

“By spotlighting the stories of these extraordinary individuals, and on such a major stage, Logitech hopes to support new generations of creators, artists, and activists ready to do amazing things that defy logic,” adds Arkinstall. In addition to Lil Nas X – who has defied genres, conventions, and critics to become one of the biggest talents in music today – the DEFY LOGIC campaign also features visual artists YesYesNo (Zach Lieberman and MolMol Kuo), light artists NONOTAK (Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamotol), graphic designer and illustrator Mercedes Bazan, makeup artist Kimberley Margarita, musician Yvette Young, and variety streamer Meg Kaylee.

DEFY LOGIC will also highlight “change-makers in sustainability, diversity, and equality, including gender equality advocate and founder of EnrichHER, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus; Intersectional Environmentalist founder Leah Thomas; education activist Melz Owusu; and teenage climate activists and Kids Against Plastic founders Amy and Ella Meek,” according to the press release.

This commercial marks Lil Nas X’s second consecutive Super Bowl appearance. In 2020, he starred in a Doritos ad with Sam Elliott, one that featured a dancing mustache. Nas seemingly referenced the commercial – and his smash hit – when previewing his first major release since his 7 ep, “Holiday.” However, in a display of the creativity that made Nas X a perfect candidate for the DEFY LOGIC campaign, he ditched the horse for a sleigh, transforming into a sexy Santa.

Lil Nas X dropped his 7 EP in 2019, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. Nas X, ever the tease, has been dropping clues and previews about what will be his first full-length studio project. He even teased “Call Me By Your Name last July, per Billboard, by sharing a snippet of the song.  “Call me what you want / Call me what you need / Call me out by your name / I’ll be on my way,” he sang.

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