Lottery winner Melissa Ede’s coffin arrives at funeral in multi-coloured hearse

Transgender lottery winner Melissa Ede's coffin arrived at her funeral service in a rainbow-coloured, horse-drawn hearse.

The funeral notice said the day would "celebrate her extraordinary life" and advised the dress code is "as colourful as possible – Preferably LGBT style".

Mourners have stuck to the request, and arrived wearing multi-coloured bright outfits with floral prints, stripes and tie dye.

Andy Train, chair of the LGBT forum, even dyed his moustache pink, yellow, green and blue.

Mourners were told it would be a non-religious service which aimed to be "uplifting and show both sides of Mel".

Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' played as people entered the large chapel at Chanterlands Crematorium in Hull.

The service heard about Melissa's sense of humour, how she was drawn to a certain scratchcard and how she found happiness with her partner Rachel Nason.

Rachel, paying tribute, said: "I believe people enter your life for a reason. Mel has impacted many peoples lives."

She added: "She was a star of her own reality show and no one can take that away from her."

The music during the service included 'Mel's mix of songs' and Emeli Sande's 'Read All About It', Hull Live reports.

'This is Me' from the Greatest Showman played as people exited the service.

Celebrant Alastair Devine, wearing a multi-coloured suit, told the service: "This is one amazing lady but she’d love this bit. It’s fine to smile and laugh in a funeral service and she’d want you to smile today."

Speaking about the bond between Melissa and her partner Rachel Nason, he added: "Rachel and Mel met ghost hunting and got on straight away they were always in fits as laughter.

"They just clicked. Rachel was to tell me how they met when she was just 15 and loved that Mel didn’t fit into any mould.

"Mel took Rachel under her wing and Rachel said if Mel didn’t do that she wouldn’t be here today. They had such a bond."

Mr Devine said: "She was like no other person you could meet you could travel the whole world and never meet anyone like her. When she met Rachel she found her happiness."

He spoke about her great sense of humour and how something had drawn her to a certain scratch card which changed her quality of life but 'didn't change her as a person'.

A post-mortem examination showed Melissa had ischemic heart disease which led to a sudden heart attack , her partner said.

Melissa died on the evening of Saturday May 11, and tributes began over the next few days.

Today as mourners began to arrive at the funeral, Mr Devine, said: "This is the first time a family has ever asked me to dress like this.

"I’m hoping to expect a lively, vibrant service for an amazing woman. She’s obviously had a massive effect on the people of Hull in various different ways from her transition then her viral videos that are infamous.

"We’re just going to celebrate all that is Mel and we intend to show the different sides of her and we’ve even got a bit of a Melmix of her best bits."

The public were welcome to attend the first part of the day as well as the wake but the private ceremony was invite-only.

Andy Train, chair of LGBT Humber forum, said Melissa’s videos were ‘too cheeky’ for pride events, but would have loved to had her perform.

He said: "We expect it to be a colourful and memorable funeral.

"Mel was one of these characters who was colourful and had fun in doing what she did."

Partner Rachel has previously explained how Melissa wen to hospital on May 5, but came back to her Hull home five hours later "with the all clear".

She described how a week later she heard her car engine revving and went out to find her slumped at the wheel.

The 58-year-old former taxi driver was on her way to buy cigarettes from a nearby petrol station when she collapsed in the vehicle as it was parked on the driveway outside her home.

When partner Rachel looked out the front door to see why Melissa hadn't driven away, she saw her lifeless body at the wheel.

The 37-year-old, who got engaged to Melissa days before her £4m win in 2017, ran outside and pleaded for her to 'wake up' but she "didn't flinch" and she couldn't feel a heartbeat.

With the help of her son, they pulled her out of the car and onto the floor to begin performing CPR before emergency services arrived.

But despite desperate attempts to resuscitate her, Melissa was pronounced dead by a paramedic who "had tears in his eyes".

She said on Facebook : "It's completely devastated so many of us, and to be taken so suddenly and unexpectedly is heartbreaking."

"If there was more people in the world like Mel then it would be such a better place," she added.

"There's no words to describe how we feel at this moment in time but Mel is going to be missed so, so much."

Melissa's life changed when she bought a £10 Scratchcard on December 30, 2017 that revealed her multi-million pound win.

She went from rags to riches and immediately quit her job – and had her first New Year off in 25 years.

Melissa also moved out of her bedsit in Hull and bought a new £450,000 home for her and Rachel, who she met on a ghost-hunting trip.

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