‘Luckiest person in world’ survives after runaway tyre obliterates car roof

A driver is being hailed the "luckiest person in the world" after escaping serious injury when a tyre came smashing through his windscreen on the motorway.

The man was driving along the M6 when a tyre "detached" from an HGV on the opposite carriageway.

It bounced across the motorway and hurtled towards the man's car where it came crashing down on the windscreen and lodged itself between him and the passenger seat.

The motorist managed to stay calm in the wake of the crash and pull onto the hard shoulder, despite the tyre still protruding through the broken windscreen, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Lancashire Roads Policing Unit shared photos of the accident on Monday afternoon which happened on the near junction 28, Leyland.

Police have praised the man for his quick-thinking and confirmed he miraculously walked away with only minor injuries.

Pictures showed the HGV tyre still lodged in the white car which had a crumpled roof and smashed windscreen.

The driver's young son had wanted to go with his dad but thankfully he wasn't able to as pictures showed the roof of the car having completely collapsed onto the boy's car seat.

Two tweets from the policing unit read:"The driver of this car is the luckiest person in the world right now.

"This tyre detached from an HGV on the M6 at jct28, crossed the central barrier & struck an oncoming vehicle. How they got it to the shoulder and got out is beyond us. Thankfully minor injuries.

"The driver's young son wanted to come out with Dad. Thankfully he was unable to take him, but it doesn't bear thinking about what would have happened had his son been in this car seat."

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