Man aims to eat KFC Zinger Box for 100 days in a row for charity

A man has taken up a rather difficult challenge for a good cause of eating a KFC Zinger Box meal for 100 days.

Seamus Murphy, from Australia, posted a video every day to document his journey on TikTok, where he also hopes to raise awareness about mental health.

The popular £6.30 Zinger Box includes a fried chicken burger, three chicken wings, fries, potato gravy and a drink, and it can go extra with a large fries and large drink.

If Seamus were to complete the 100-day challenge, he would consume a total of 486,500 kilojoules (116,276 calories).

In his video, the handyman also shows his bodyweight at the beginning of the challenge and after almost three weeks, he says: "You think you can hurt me?

"I've had 19 Zinger boxes in 19 days and have only gained 1kg [0.16st]."

He also gives a "shout-out" when a fan sponsors him for the meal. The social media star also uses his platform to tell his 7,000 followers to check in on their mates and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Seamus says: "I don't want people sending me money for food when there are people out there that need money for food more than I do.

"My good mate Dools has a Black Dog Institute page set up for his mullet he's growing. If you donate to there, take a screenshot, send me a private message with whatever you want."

Black Dog Institute is Australia's only medical research institute dedicated to the study of mental health.

While some viewers were concerned about his health issues, Seamus assured people that he is an athlete.

"Everyone's saying my arteries are going to clog up," he says. "Don't worry about it! She'll be right. My hearts have been through a fair bit.

"In the last 10 years, I've been training for this."

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