Man disgusted to find dozens of bugs crawling inside ‘Uber Eats’ delivery car

A man has vowed not to order from Uber Eats after finding dozens of roaches crawling inside a driver's vehicle in a car park.

Jordan Live, from Atlanta, US, warned people to be careful when ordering food using delivery services as he called some drivers "nasty".

In a video he posted on TikTok a week ago, he came across a vehicle displayed with an Uber Eats sticker at a car park and soon he discovered a grim detail inside the motor.

He says: "Whose car is this? But when I tell you if they deliver the food for somebody, I feel so bad for whoever delivering this food because they got roaches all up in this car."

Jordan shows the Uber sticker sign on the car's windscreen before walking to the side to show what's inside it.

Slowly it becomes visible that there are tiny insects crawling on the windows and some on a pile of rubbish on the seats.

"I'm telling you it's roaches," Jordan reassures. "My skin was actually crawling! This is some nasty, vile, gutter-type of thing, you've got the nerve to be having the Uber thing on.

"I don't even want to park my car right here because there’s so many Goddamn roaches."

While he is standing next to the vehicle, more bugs can be seen walking on the headrest, the cushion and the bags.

Later in the video, a woman walks up to the car with a takeaway bag. She unlocks the vehicle and loads the food in the trunk before driving off.

"This is why I’m scared to get my food delivered from Uber Eats!" he wrote in the clip.

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Viewers were shocked and couldn't agree more with Jordan that they were put off to order food via delivery apps.

One said: "I will no longer be lazy and I’m going to get my food myself."

Another commented: "This video made me delete Door Dash and Uber Eats! I'm done!"

"I would've followed her so I could tell the person that is about to get that food," a third added.

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