Man dubbed ‘devil’ after splurging £30,000 on body modifications

A man dubbed the "devil" spoke out about his transformation after he splurged £30,000 on body modifications.

Cameron Lee Bright, 28, has around 28 piercings – and some of his bits have been stretched so much that he can put glowsticks through them.

His septum, the cartilage and bone in his nose, has been stretched to 23mm – but he says he won't stop there.

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He hopes to widen the area by another 2mm, and he also has a split tongue.

The body modification fan even loves getting inked – so much so that he's spent nearly 100 hours under the needle.

As well as this, Cameron implanted silicone ribs under his collar bones and beads under the skin around his penis.

He works in a warehouse in California, and was also brought up in a Christian household, but now he says people call him the "devil" due to his alternative appearance.

Cameron told The Mirror: "I'm introverted but like to show people how much in common we have regardless of how different I may look.

"I have spent £30,000, but probably even more if I really thought about it, and broke it down on body modifications since I was like 15.

"It doesn't seem like a lot when you look at other people's hobbies and aspirations.

"They probably spend a similar amount on their project cars, sports, raves and concerts."

Cameron claimed he always hoped to change his image – even when he was little.

When he was old enough to take the plunge, he went all in, and he started to change his look during his teenage years.

He also started to dress in more alternative fashion, and began to have parts of his body pierced.

But he said the reason he wanted to change his image was "complicated", as he didn't really have a definite answer.

He claimed he never had a "legit answer" when people would ask him for his reasons.

"I like to do what brings me joy," he added.

"And this brings me joy."

He confessed he sometimes gets negative comments from people, but he's genuinely interested in the history of body modifications.

Cameron said altering his look allows him to get a "better understanding" of himself and taught him to love himself more.

He said: "The most hate and rude remarks I get are from religious people, and it just doesn't make sense to me.

"Their God is described as a wonderful deity that I can respect, but the people don't practice what they preach, so I don't want to be part of the hypocrisy.

"There's a lot of 'predators' in the church too that get protected."

He also said he gets a lot of negative comments online, but he doesn't think people would say the same things to his face.

But, even though he's splashed a lot of cash on his image, Cameron said he isn't quite finished yet.

He told how his journey is "far from over", and he plans to cover around 80% of his body in ink.

As well as this, he hopes to get a lot more piercings, and in larger sizes too.

Cameron thinks everyone needs to be themselves – he encourages people to "be weird", and to enjoy everything they do.

"You only get one life so live it how you want," he added.


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