Man in wedding dress drag crashes couple's first dance

The first dance between man and wife is always a touching moment.

But sometimes they’re interrupted by a neighbour dressed in drag, wearing a wedding dress.

That’s what happened to bride and groom Mark and Lisa, whose son Jason decided to prank his dear old mum on her big day.

Instead of a cheesy toast, he got his neighbour Craig to dress up as a bride and crash the couple’s first dance.

Jason Pearce, 29, from Exeter, Devon, wanted everyone to have a good laugh and knew Craig would be up for the job.

The duo planned for Craig to get dressed up in full bridal getup, complete with makeup, a wig, and a veil.

That’s one way to upstage the bride.

The newly-weds had chosen a Bon Jovi song for their romantic first dance, but halfway through, Jason instructed the DJ to switch it to Yvonne Fair’s power ballad It Should Have Been Me.

Lisa and Mark then watched open-mouthed as Craig strutted onto the dancefloor dressed in full bridal attire.

Support worker Jason said: ‘Craig’s my next door neighbour. He has always had a bit of a soft spot for Mark, so I thought it’d be funny to have him crash their first dance.

‘I planned the whole thing in advance. I bought the wedding dress from Facebook … but it didn’t fit him very well. We really had to squeeze him in there.

‘He had a wig, makeup, veil, the lot. He went all-out to look like a lady, which made it even more brilliant.

‘The only people who knew about the prank before the wedding were me and Craig and my brother. My mum was so shocked. No one in the room had a clue what was happening.

‘Even Mark thought it was funny. He’d had a couple of drinks by then, so he just got down to dancing with both of them.’

Sounds like a memorable wedding.

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