Man with 96% of body inked gets matching tattoo with mum after dad’s death

A tattooed man marked his late dad in the best way possible – by getting an ink in memory of him.

Remy is known for his hundreds of tattoos after dedicating over 1,200 hours under the needle for his transformation.

He's splashed an eye-watering £75,000 on his body art and it doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon.

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Now Remy, who boasts 202,000 Instagram followers, got fans all teary when he shared the matching ink he has with his mum.

His caption read: "Shortly after my dad passed away my mum had 'this too shall pass' tattooed on her in memory of him.

"They were no longer together at the time of his passing, but there was a lot of love there, and it broke her heart when he died."

Remy added: "As I already had a tattoo in memory of my dad I got this one done to match the tattoo my mum got for him, and it's one more tattoo I'll be taking to the grave for both of them.

"Sometimes the smallest tattoos carry the boldest meanings of all."

Remy shared two snaps of his head showing the words "This too shall pass", along with his ink today.

Since the day he inked the quote, the dad has more art work on his scalp, including a rose and blackwork.

The post garnered a lot of attention on social media, with over 3,100 likes in the space of one day.

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One person said: "I've been watching this transformation for quite a while. It all looks very good. I'm wondering what technique was used to make the red roses on the side of your head into black and grey I'm looking to do the same."

Another added: "My condolences, you deserve all the beauty in the world."

A third commented: "I tell my self that all throughout my teen and adult years."

While a fourth admitted: "My simplest tattoo is a tribute to my mum. It's also my favourite."

In case you're wondering what Remy got up to over the festive period, the dad marked Christmas by poking candy canes through his face holes.

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